Online and Offline Sexual Predators Essay

Student Question 

Compare and contrast online and offline sexual abusers.  What similarities and differences are there between the two type of offenders?

Our Answer

In order to write a compelling thesis statement, you must be able to concisely and specifically introduce your topic, tell the audience the main point of your paper, and provide a guidepost for your paper.  When writing a comparison/contrast essay, this can be difficult because your essay may have several different points.  Therefore, your thesis statement should focus on whether the things being compared and contrasted are more alike or more different.


Your writing prompt calls on you to describe the similarities and differences between online and offline sexual predators.  Therefore, you already know that you are going to need to take a position about whether they have more similarities or more differences.  As a result, you know that your thesis statement should take a position about this issue.

Before you can write a comparison/contrast essay, you need to have a thorough understanding of the topic.  Fortunately, several researchers have tackled the issue of online and offline sexual predators.   Early research seemed to suggest that online predators were more dangerous than offline predators, and that their victims were at greater risk of being abducted or experiencing physical force.  However, more recent research demonstrates that online predators are not more likely to use force with their victims.


Once you understand the concepts of online and offline sexual abuse, you can begin to tackle your essay.  The best way to start a strong essay is with a strong thesis statement.  One suggested thesis statement would be: While initial research seemed to suggest that online predators were even more dangerous than offline predators, emerging research appears to refute that notion and suggests that the two types of predators are essentially the same.