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Gun Control Essay Example (Updated in 2019)

  Many see gun control as a controversial topic that has sparked much debate. This gun control essay can offer ways to examine this topic from both the ‘pro’ and ‘against’ sides. By detailing the pros and cons of gun control, you will be able to see the impact on society. These examples include recent

How do I write a reflective essay?

As the term connotes, a reflective essay draws on writers’ life experiences to describe how they feel about a given issue or event. In sum, a reflective essay requires writers to “reflect” on their life experiences in order to provide unique personal observations and interpretations. Unlike other types of essays, reflective essays do not typically

How to Write an Opinion Essay (2019 Guide)

Opinions are like noses—everybody has one. The opinion essay is your opportunity to stare at your own nose for a while letting everyone else get a good, long look at it too. What’s great about having an opinion on something is that you aren’t obliged to support your opinion by facts or logic. After all,

How to Write a Definition Essay (2019 Edition)

Being assigned a definition essay might seem impossible or just plain weird. Most students are acquainted with definitions as paragraph long statements that provide illumination on the meaning of a particular word. How on earth can you write an entire essay on a definition? It’s totally possible, actually, and even enjoyable to craft an entire

IT’s Learning Cloud Based Learning Management System Essay

Essay Prompt: 1. Using module theory and specific examples from the case provided identify and critically analyze the strategic issues confronting the ‘IT’S LEARNING’ as it expands beyond its home country (1000 words) 2. Using appropriate module frameworks and specific examples from the case critically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the Norway as the

Freedom and Bondage Essay

Essay Prompt: Freedom and bondage are two concurrent Themes that run throughout the period of history. In the reform movement that arose in the 19th century those two themes coexisted side by side. how can this be ? And, in what ways was the language of freedom used to subvert and undermine the hard cold